Our Will Post 8

Our Will 23 – Chakras

I returned to the word Root, the most common name for the 1st chakra. I also noted that the root chakra was called the 1st chakra. My intuition said these were the keys. What if the root chakra represented our core self? The entity, spirit, or soul that is us, what into this life to be? The reason it is the 1st chakra is because it us at the core level.

When I looked at the other chakras as part of a whole, not an ascendency, a clearer picture evolved. Seeing the flow of ‘energy’ for creation coming down to the Mother, not up, then I could see a image where we might be further separating from ourselves by the ‘evolution’ or ‘ascendency’ concept. I began to think in terms of unifying and connecting, not rising.

Although striking me a radical thinking, and definitely not in alignment with many spiritual growth ideas, I could not shake the resonance of truth. That unity and balance required something different from me. I lost my pride in the beam of white light aura readers told me emanated like a beacon from my head. I knew that there was nothing below the line, that I was not grounded and connected.

This definitely raised the question of why would our world want us to be separate from our root/core selves? The answer is fairly straightforward – for a minimum of fuss and bother.

Societies, whether they are countries, cities, religions, teams, clubs, or families; have rules. Theses rules, in one way or another, state that, “if you want to be part of this family/society, you must act in ways that are acceptable to us.”

It is quite natural that parents like ‘well behaved’ children. A baby quickly learns what behavior will be rewarded with love, care, attention. Unfortunately, it also learns what behavior bring punishment, even if that punishment is withholding love, care, or attention. …./24

To be continued …

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