Our Will Post 7

Our Will 21 – Chakras

When I first visited Australia a few years ago, I was working with healers and others who provided help and aid to others using their energetic talents. One of the joys of this work was the discoveries I made along the way, answering questions that I had accumulated from years of trying to figure out this world.

I had experienced quite a bit of Shiatsu and Acupuncture, but had never really considered chakras. The work in Australia focused my attention on them, especially as how they might relate to my core self. My core self could be called my root, spirit or soul. To me, it means my true identity, the one that came into this world before it was distorted by the needs of society.

A particular challenge I had most of life was the shut down of my heart chakra. Energetically it had been a black space for a very long time. Although not yet healed, I had been making progress since my back injury of 15 years earlier. I could feel the lessening of the hard lump of pain, and healers had been chronicling the reduction of the size and density of the black band across my chest.

Now, in Australia, dedicated to working with healers and energy workers, I was determined to crack this problem, to find, release, and connect my heart. My expectations were that, consistent with my efforts to date, it would painful and challenging…./22

Our Will 22 – Chakras

I found that most of the text and studies were reasonably consistent, except for the throat (5th) and the root chakra (1st). I did not put much attention on the 5th chakra confusion because I had associated that with Will, and I was still a long way off from solving what Will meant. It was more important to determine what was going on with the root chakra.

Investigating this, I noticed that the definition of the 2nd chakra was often muddled with the 1st. The differences in the value, or meaning, of the 3rd chakra were not that significant. The question that I needed to solve was why was this confusion so evident here when it was not so with the other chakras.

This took me on a wandering, what the Australians might call an Intellectual Walk About.The first thing I considered was the nature of creation in the Earth Mother sense. Nature, or the earth, needs detritus, debris, and rotting matter to create and nurture life. I think of Mother Earth as a great re-cycler. She accepts the remains of old life, mixes it with some minerals and water, adds a touch of energy (sun, heat, light), and voila, she is ready to support the next generation. The plant and animal world is relaxed and natural about this phenomena. Yet, for some reason, human beings seem to have problems with their own waste products.

Except in more ‘primitive’ cultures, human waste is considered distasteful, and death requires the isolation of the remains from the earth, either through cremation or burial in containers. We are trained from birth that our waste products are not nice, unpleasant and to be avoided. We are trained to be discrete and circumspect about the space between our legs. We are trained to be very private when eliminating wastes, that is shame-full.

Putting community health arguments to the side for a moment, I noticed that one effect of this training is to separate us from our 1st chakra. Why is that? What is so important about the chakra that we must treat it in such a manner? …./23

To be continued …

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