Our Will Post 6

Our Will 19 – Hurts

I opened my eyes directly into the beguiled face of my guide, just 8 inches from my own. I had not been aware of her approach from the back wall. But there she was, glued to her chair that pressed as close to my bench as possible. With an inner sigh I knew that I would have to spend some time with her to help her come back into her self and figure out what she experienced. I also needed to understand what happened in terms that made sense to my logical brain.

After waiting a couple of days I called medium and psychic friend who lived about 2000 km. from me. She is an exceptional woman, consistently true and clear in the messages she delivers. She was good natured about the way I always tested her readings by withholding information that could give her intuitive information about what I wanted to know.

Keeping this tradition, I introduced the story of my experience by saying only that I had a regression hypnosis session, taking care to ensure there was no reference to the mystical inclinations of the therapist. I also left out the details on how the session started.

When I finished she said that my experience appeared to be a shamanistic soul recovery. Her endorsement of what the shaman had claimed determined my interpretation. I had an important thing happen to me, for which I was very glad. My friend also confirmed my suspicion that had I continued on with the lights, I would indeed have left this life.

For many years I have carried this memory with me, bringing it out from time to time when I needed self comfort. It was a splendid gift and I still cherish it. However, it is only now, in this series of posts, that I realize I had missed something very important. There were two distinct events that occurred in the session, not one. …./20

Our Will 20 – Hurts

The Soul Recovery was pretty obvious. What I missed was the importance of the release of the Wounded/Inner Child. This was a crucial step in the process of re-connecting to my core self.

You may recall that the sphere appeared where the wounded child had been, and only after my wounded child left.

If I had not released my child, I would not have had the space to recover my soul.


Another element that I am now aware of is that the child was hurt, and afraid. This was the reason it could not continue on its journey. By giving it genuine feelings of safety and security, he could come out of his shell, letting go if the fear of being hurt.

Another realization is that I did not have to relive the hurt experiences to release them. It was important to recognize them, but not have them again. Carolyn Myss does a good job in The Anatomy of the Spirit talking about leaving the past in the past. Focusing on the hurts of the wounded child not only keeps us in that space of pain, it magnifies the emotions. Recognition, Comfort followed by Release is empathetic and healing.

My final realization here is that the inner child was really the wounded child. To mature emotionally I had to let go of the wounded child.

I accept that these are pretty radical ideas and that my particular journey a bit unusual. We all have our own metaphors, our own highly personal challenges and opportunities for dealing with our deep emotional cores. It is my hope that sharing my particular process provides another point of view, a fresh perspective to healing.

Asking the right question is 90% of solving a problem. …21

To be continued …

 © 2015 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved


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