Our Will Post 5

Our Will 17 – Hurts

The wall of energy had grown very large now, shielding me like a protective curtain. My guide asked me what was inside my chest. Looking more closely I found a baby, almost a fetus but not quite. My guide then asked me who the baby was. I thought about for a moment, feeling my way towards truth. Finally I knew. I told her that it was me.

I instructed to do, or say, what this infant needed. Very gently I spoke to it, telling him it was all right, that everything was ok, that he was safe. As I was speaking he relaxed, uncurling from the self protective ball he had made of himself. My warmth and assurance filled with love infused him. My guide asked me what the child needed. At first I was confused thinking that I was already giving him what was needed.

Then the knowledge came to me. Unwrapping myself from the protective cocoon I had unconsciously made around the baby, I gestured to the simmering blue energy field. As it approached I continued giving assurances of love and safety. The energy shield gently wrapped itself around the child. Blessings and joy abounded as the two left my chest, beginning a new journey. I could feel the comfort and serenity of the baby as it left with its protector.

After they were gone a moment profound silence lay upon my guide and me. Then I heard her soft voice, as if coming from miles away. “What is in the place where the baby was”? … /18

Our Will 18 – Hurts

I was shocked when I saw absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Again my guide spoke, asking me what I would put in that dark abyss. I did not reply and waited, knowing that something would appear. And it did. Almost shyly a small sphere emerged, crystalline and clear. As it expanded I could see the emptiness inside it, an emptiness that felt like it had substance.

At this point my ‘self’, that is the sense of my physical body was sensationally expansive. So there was really no reference point to gauge the size of this sphere as it grew. I continued to peer expectantly into its core.

Then a small shaft of light appeared, the color matching that of the energy shield that had taken the baby. The shaft had the look of modern light threads. The thread glowed with the energy (light) that radiated from the tip. It did not cast the light out in the manner of a flashlight. It just glowed. I was really surprised by it and could not figure out what was going on.

Then another light thread appeared bearing a different color. Soon it was joined by others, all springing from somewhere in the core of sphere. As they multiplied they grew and spread out, the sphere expanding with them. The feeling was exultant, the effect like a huge star burst firework, only with no bang, and the thread continued growing, glowing and multiplying while remaining rooted at the base. Although soundless, it felt like the song of the Universe, a chorus of joy and praise was playing. It was so much that I felt I would explode with happiness and wonder.

I was becoming lost in experience. I knew that I could join in and expand with them. That is when the observer part of me stepped in. I had a decision to make. With a little reluctance I decided to stay.

As I carefully disengaged the sphere reduce its size. As it did so the light rays shrunk as well, the effect lasting until the ball was about the size of an orange. It had now become opaque, its core of wonders quiescent within. I left it snuggled into the space once occupied by my baby ‘self’, in that place of my physical heart. A feeling of fullness, wholeness came with me as I returned to full consciousness. …/19


To be continued …

 © 2015 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved


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