Our Will Post 4

Our will 13 – Hurts

Caring for the wounded child, nurturing the wounded child, keeps it wounded. The attention we give it re-enforces the feelings of being hurt. Even though we feel like we are protecting it, making it feel safe, we are not doing much to progress past this point. The energy and emotion is still around the wounds and being a child.

I am not at all suggesting that we do not recognize and acknowledge this place of pain. What I am suggesting is that it may be healthier for both the adult us, and the wounded child, to resolve the hurt, thus releasing the damaging ‘hurt’ emotions.

This brings up two questions:

Is it possible to do heal the wounded/inner child?


How can we heal the wounded/inner child? …./14

Our will 14 – Hurts
The answer to both questions is not only yes, but that it is important to do so. The manner of which will be different for all of us. I will give my own experience as an example.

For the usual reasons I cannot remember most of my childhood. As part of my self connection, I thought I should find out what was so terrible that I was blocking these memories.

During this time I discovered that what was important was not reliving these past events. This only brings the past into the present, keeping us trapped in the past. Rather, it was important to find the emotional charge of the past, experience it and then Release the emotions.

It was Recognition, Acknowledgment, followed by Release that was the effective model for letting go of the past.

Over the course of 5 years I tried 3 regression hypnosis sessions, each with a different expert. I discovered that the personal issues, perspectives or techniques of the therapist greatly affects outcomes.

The first session was when I discovered the secret to uncovering, then releasing the emotional charges of our childhood.

The second, the one I am about to reveal to you, was where I discovered the secret to the wounded/inner child. …15

Our Will 15 – Hurts

This particular therapist is a shaman, whose task is helping spirits (souls, ghosts) pass on. She earns a living as a therapist using shamanism and hypnosis. I booked a session for regression hypnosis, specifying that I was not interested in past life, only learning about my childhood.

I lay on her treatment table and she sat back against the far wall, almost 10 feet from me. Having a lot of previous experience with auto-trances from earlier explorations, I allowed myself to enter the hypnotic state quickly, I then separated myself into 2 parts, 1 to have the experience while the other part observed without interference.

Contrary to our agreement and understanding, the therapist commenced with a shamanistic procedure. As it was my intuition that sought a session with her, I set aside my annoyance and went along with her guidance. I had learned quite some time ago that when I ‘show up’ for something, I should not be surprised by what happens to me.

The session proceeding poorly. The therapist asked me to call my animal guide, and to visual certain colors. I had 2 problems: 1. I did not know I had an animal guide, and 2. I do not see colors in dreams or trances. …./16

To be continued …

 © 2015 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved


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