“The Weave Saga”


“The Weave Saga” is a classic, a sweeping saga of clashing cultures, intrigue and passion. Highly kinetic and well crafted, you, the reader, will be quickly immersed in the sights, tastes, smells and sensations of the world of this book as if you were part of it.

“The Weave Saga”, beginning here with “The Blood of Lions Book One Fatal Decisions” spans generations, and like life, each book has its own flavors and characteristics, adapting to the times, lives and loves of its main characters. With a surprisingly economic use of words, the author immediately draws you into the drama of the compelling lives of “The Weave Saga”. Drama and suspense are ready companions in this interwoven tale of rich characters dealing with hard choices and shocking changes to the world they knew.

“The Weave Saga” has been fifteen years in the making, taking on a life of its own in the process. Unpredictable, challenging and evolutionary, it is compelling, entertaining and engaging.




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