Spiritual Dialogues Our Will One

Our Will 1.

Recently a number of good people I know have experienced very hard confrontations with their loves, families and friends. Shattering and powerfully emotional feelings of frustration, worthlessly, futility and repressed anger compete with confusion and depression. I went through this myself. Being stubborn, my encounter with myself took 20 years and I still must be aware. The post series, done in my old style, explores this issue.

Our Will 2.

This process is usually triggered by a defining moment; divorce, death of sibling or parents, serious illness. In my case, it happened because I could no longer carry the burden(s). Literally, my back collapsed with a severely herniated L5 disc. Unable to get proper diagnosis or treatment for one year, I was on my back in extra-ordinary pain, forced to deal with the causes, not the effects. This was when I discovered Carolyn Myss (The Anatomy of the Spirit), and Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life). With these landmark books as guides, I began the painful peeling of my life’s onion skin. …/3

Our Will 3.

How often have we cried out that we want people to see our real selves? That we want to be known for who were are, not what we do, or what we do for others? How often have we found ourselves defining our life (worthiness) in terms of a relationship? How often have we wondered, “why bother”? It seems that the more we try to please others, the more hurt and pain we receive as a reward. It took a year for me to get healthy enough for my back to be treated. As it turned out, this was just the first step in my year journey to my heart and core. …/4

To be continued …

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