World Wonders

unnamed222  One of the 7 wonderful places in the world. During my life I have been treated to some amazing places. These places are not in the register of the Seven Wonders of the World. They are in my register as the Seven Most Wonderful Places in the World. A wonder­ful place requires a combination of spiritual energy, physical balance, and good people. Here is one I visited last week.

To get there I traveled across Croatia, entering from Hungarian. This road trip exposed me to a cross of the country and its people. This in its own right was a wonder­ful thing. Everyone I met was warm and friendly, the cities clean, the people obviously taking care of themselves, their homes, their things and their towns. The roads were exceptionally well made and maintained, with the shoulders and ditches clean and nicely presented. North America could take some lessons from these people. My message is simple on this point. The press does more harm than good. Taking the time to see beyond sensational headlines is worthwhile. The falls themselves were an experience that is almost impossible to describe. I spent the day in a zen state of relaxed joy and wonder. The website really cannot capture the experience. One thing that occurred to me is how the lakes reflects our own humanity. The mineral content of each lake was different. I found this out by tasting the water at each level. Yet, it was all connected, one lake spilling into the other, each one healthy in its own way. Something we should remember.



© 2015 Photo/Text GDLoven All Rights Reserved

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