Considering the Devil as the Un Creator

To comprehend better what constitutes the Devil, it is useful to understand more about the nature of God.

In many contexts, God is concerned the essence of good, while the Devil is considered the essence of evil. In this discussion the nature of good or evil is not central to the primary premise of what is God and thus, by inference, what the Devil is. This paper deals with God as the essence of creation (or The Creator).

Primarily the Devil is the antithesis of God. This means that the Devil should be the essence of un creation. What is meant by un creation? Un creation can mean two things: the destruction of what has been created; and destroying the ability to create.

The destruction of what has been created is effectively extinction. This could happen on any level such as on a species basis, or conceivably on a universal basis. As we are still living and distinct, we can assume that as a species we have not been un created (at least yet). Of course, there would seem to be little we could do about it even if we were un created. Therefore, the balance of this article looks at the aspect of the destruction of the ability to create.

How is it possible to destroy the ability to create? At a God level I do not believe it is possible to destroy the ability of God to create as it is the nature of God to create. The battle, such as it may be, is fought at the level of the created. This means that the Devil becomes concerned with the creative aspects of those elements of God’s creation which have an ability to also create.

The task, or nature of the Devil then, becomes the frustration of the creative potential of God’s creations. How can this be accomplished?

To proceed we must define “create”. Create in this sense does not refer to procreation. Rather the term refers to a higher form of evolvement – of the type inherent in the higher self. In other words, we speak directly to the ability of the soul (spirit) to self actualize, grow, transform, and reach its maximum potential. This “non physical” part of the human can be inhibited and denied its creative potential.

Again this discussion elects to be highly focued in its development. We do not speak to the individual who is neither aware of his/her potential, nor elects to develop his/her soul. Instead we speak to the person who has become aware, and is inhibited from achieving creative progress. Our rationale for this is that if there is no desire (intent) to create, there is no requisite counter effect (thus un creation).

What tool then, can be used by the Devil to block spiritual progress? That tool is FEAR. Fear is a condition, a learned state of mind, that exists in some form or other in almost every spiritually aware human being. The management, or abatement of fear is an acquired skill. As individuals progress in creative capacity they show a corresponding decline in levels of fear. What does fear do a person? First, know that fear is a condition. You have fear, which is considerably different from being afraid. There is an article on this web site that speaks to the matter of fear. It is recommended as a companion to this discussion.

Having fear an individual is incapable of action. Being incapable of action this person is not able to act, to grow, to transform, or evolve. Effectively the creative potential of the individual soul has been arrested. Thus God’s creation cannot continue the process of creation and the Devil scores a victory.

It is the opinion of the author that this is the greatest threat of the Devil. It seems curious that our society has been so easily misdirected, focusing on the lesser sense of good and evil, losing sight of the nature of creation and its companion – un creation. Perhaps this too, has been the work of Creation’s enemy – misdirection and sleight of hand to allow the true work of the Devil greater range of action and power.

© 2015 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved


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