Karlan grows …


© 2014, kr.HDscreen.me

Excerpt from “Fatal Decisions”

” His silent exterior belayed the turmoil within. His brother’s story from the previous night was the breaking of his internal dam. Conflicting emotions, strange thoughts, a compelling sense of urgency, hormones, and dread all coursed through his rigid body. He had not moved all morning, using the retreating image of that remarkable woman to hold him still, allowing his inner battle time and space to run its course. He was doubtful that he was even capable of movement during this battle for reason. Unlike his brother, Karlan was not equipped for subtlety, his world instead being one of action and reaction.

The young hunter’s head hurt. This was a new sensation for him. It felt like strong hands were squeezing his skull, trying to crush it. The sense of compression was aggravated by tightness in his chest. While he could still breathe, it took effort, as if his ribs were bound by strong leather. He found that standing still helped a little. Overall he was frozen in place, incapable of actively being part of life. While a small part of him had hoped for a revelation watching the back of his grandmother, the balance of his mind was locked firmly in neutral.”

© 2014 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved

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