The Weeping Birch …

Particularly attractive to Karl was an enormous Weeping Birch, dangling it’s tendrils majestically over water and land alike. It’s trunk was larger than his reach, it’s height deceptive due to the incredible span of it’s branches. It was possible to house three, maybe four complete families underneath it’s protection. So dense were it’s branches and leaves that rain never seemed to make it to the ground, instead being greedily inhaled by the canopy of tiny oval shaped leaves. Soon these leaves would be turning a golden color, splashing the area with an exuberant announcement of pending winter. It’s fall color always reminded Karl of spring sunrise filtered by tender shoots of new grass and dew mist. How wonderful that the herald of death also promised fresh life. Each fall he would bring his family to this spot, coming from their special place across the stream. Here they would gather their emotional energy and strength for the winter to come.

© 2014 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved

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