The Saga Begins …

Book One of this ground breaking new genre …
fatal decisions cover final
Jared Seamancer, seduced by the High Priestess, is sent on a desperate journey into unknown lands to find water for his drought stricken people. After a terrible series of misadventures in a hostile land he is discovered by Karl of the Lions, a leader of the people in this foreign territory.
Deciding to rescue the strange looking Jared, he takes him to his camp site where Karla, his medicine woman wife returns him to health. So began the first of a series of fatal decisions which wrenched the lives and cultures of two alien civilizations from all that they had known.
The Blood of Karl and Karlan of the Lions, runs strong through this series of “The Weave Saga”. They, and their two sons, shape the courses of intrigue and violence that marks the destruction of first one race, then in-turn the other in surprising and intensely dramatic ways.
The Weave is a classic sweeping saga of clashing cultures, intrigue and passion. Highly kinetic and well crafted, you, the reader, will be quickly immersed in the sights, tastes, smells and sensations of the world of this book as if you were part of it.
The Saga spans generations, and like life, each book has its own flavors and characteristics, adapting to the times, lives and loves of its main characters. With surprisingly economy of words, the author immediately draws you into the drama of the compelling lives of The Weave. Drama and suspense are ready companions in The Weave of rich characters dealing with hard choices and shocking changes to the world they knew.
Unpredictable, challenging and evolutionary, it is compelling, entertaining and engaging.

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