Karla a Wise Woman Excerpt from “Fatal Decisions”

” … For the first time in her life Karla was confused about what to do. It was not so much how to do what she must, rather it was a case of so much to do, with such urgency, that she felt overwhelmed by the situation.  To help calm herself she took a few deep breaths and slowly took in the shapes, smells and colors of the leaves of their sheltering tree. The gentle rustle of stiffening yellow leaves whispered of quieter times, bringing memories of the birth of her children, and years of joy nurturing them through their infancies. The contrast of that uncomplicated calm with her suddenly remembered dreams of losing her children shook lose whatever peace she had hoped to achieve. The pressure of building tears made her turn from the moment by suddenly jumping up and running to the stream ignoring Heron’s call of inquiry.

Slowing at the edge of the water she waded in, trailing her hands as its chill reached her waist. Gasping against the cold shock she pressed on, letting her feet find their own way amongst the rocks and dead falls, direction coming from instinct rather than through tear clouded eyes.  Slowly, nature forced its way into her consciousness, gentling the emotional storm racking her heart. Cupping her hands she swept water over her face then rubbed her eyes and forehead harshly as if to drive out her torment. She continued this ritual, each repetition bringing her further back from the abyss, closer to her strengths, her resources and her ability to reason. Deliberately she sought a deep pool and stepped into its clutch. Icy water covered her completely. Standing hard against the current, fighting her natural buoyancy, she held her place, willing the frigid water to replace the fire in her with cold resolve and the courage to survive her fears.

At last her emotional pyres were dampened. Control once more hers, Karla breached the surface, gasping fresh fall air pungent with the scents of old summer and dying vegetation. With a couple of sure strokes she found solid footing and rose from the embrace of the healing stream. Although stunned by her sudden outpour of fear and emotion, she was not surprised. For many days she had held the family together. Her knowledge of medicine told her that eventually, without an outlet, the dam would burst. She was bemused that she found herself to be so normal after all, that she would be caught unawares by her own self. Smiling with irony she left the stream and strode purposefully towards the encampment, strategies and plans filling the spaces left by spent emotions. Karla, mate of Karl of the Lions, was back, and she was a force to be reckoned with. Beware any and all who would threaten her cubs, mate or herself. … “

© 2014 Galen Dean Loven All Rights Reserved

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