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galen sydney workshop

Galen taking a moment in Sydney, Australia
Galen Dean Loven, was raised in a world where drawing was discouraged as not being practical. He turned his love for visual artistry into the art of crafting full sensory experiences through words. As with all good artists ,who also face similar challenges, Galen allows himself, his experiences, and passions to seep into each of his characters and the appointed places in his stories they occupy. Individually, they are intensified and transformed to suit the tale ensuring that each one, each place, has a life of it’s own.
A Norseman by blood, raised on a Canadian farm, Galen has traveled the world for forty years, gathering his remarkable inventory of the sensations, feeling, and passions of living. Despite making his living in business, he would have preferred the lifestyle of the old world bard – travelling from village to village, earning his keep as a cultural library for those without books. He currently enjoys this nomadic lifestyle of his bloodlines. Galen continuously travels with his work from country to country, sharing good tales in fair exchange.
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from “The Weave Saga”
“The Blood of Lions”
Book One “Fatal Decisions”

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    Meet my Author at last… this is where I have been all these late nights. No not travelling around the world like her does. I have been editing his wonderful new book series, “The Weave Saga” It will be available on Kindle any minute now. First i need a nap loves…


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